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hungriness meaning

Synonyms of "hungriness""hungriness" in a sentence
  • Lead to the worse of hungriness
  • It is impossible to build an economic giant on the base of a culture hungriness
  • Many academicians regard that the cause of formation of sand-dust storm mainly is the vegetation in hungriness is destroyed
  • We just have to stay focused and keep that hungriness about us.
  • We just don't have the hungriness ."
  • You know, 10 years on the tour, sometimes you lose the hungriness for the tennis.
  • It was their hungriness, their willingness to take on this bully that was seeded No . 3,
  • I really think this is the best group we have had in long time as far as speed, the hungriness and the competitiveness of this bunch.
  • As Zennstrom sees it, during the " bubble years " in Sweden, programmers lost some of the hungriness and hustle he could still find in the Baltics.
  • The power-hungriness, contempt, violence, and the narcissistic need to subjugate and humiliate is made quite evident in the interactions of the king with his son.
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