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hotfoot meaning

Synonyms of "hotfoot""hotfoot" in a sentence
  • The children came running hotfoot when they heard tea was ready.
  • -hey, watch it .-where are you going, hotfoot
  • Hey, watch it .-where are you going, hotfoot
  • Like bernard shaw, he has tickled his readers'funny bone with a cultural hotfoot
  • The movie will begin in five minutes . we'd better hotfoot it to the theater
  • Operation Hotfoot had suffered five killed in action during its duties.
  • Under incoming American President John F . Kennedy, Hotfoot was rapidly expanded.
  • A second Hotfoot contingent rotated in for duty.
  • This center would be an all-Hotfoot operation, with no French involved.
  • The Operation Hotfoot moniker changed to Operation Monkhood.
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