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honer meaning

"honer" in a sentence
  • noun
  • The government put up a monument in honer of those killed in battle
  • It is named in honer of Marina Tsvetaeva, a Russian poet.
  • As for the images, Honer says they're no more harmful than Halloween.
  • Coverage of  honer of  Ex.
  • A lone honer of his art.
  • She is married to Gary Honer.
  • LONER condoner donor groaner honer known'er loan'er loaner moaner owner phone'er toner
  • I have the honer of owning one of these ( red Lable ) . Ruger put them ot in 1976.
  • They led an assembly to the year 7's then walked down the Guard of Honer talking to many students.
  • The firm's founder, William Honer, who was not implicated in the case, has since removed Timberlake and renamed his company.
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