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homeward meaning

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  • Adverb: homeward  howmwurd
    1. Toward home
      "fought his way homeward through the deep snow"
      - homewards
    Adjective: homeward  howmwurd
    1. Oriented toward home
      "in a homeward direction"; "homeward-bound commuters"
      - homeward-bound

    See also: orientated, oriented

    Encyclopedia: Homeward


  • Winterborne pursued his own course homeward.
  • homeward bound, the six o'clock throng bumped and jostled.
  • She was indefinably depressed as they walked homeward.
  • We are homeward bound.
  • The same evening the sheep had trailed homeward head to tail.
  • She gave a small sigh of relief as they kept their course homeward.
  • Now and then i turned aside to avoid some noisy drunkard as he reeled homewards.
  • With a very few words they left the spot, and pursued their way homeward.
  • Eugene quit his work and after a luxurious day or two in norfolk, started homeward.
  • Before his homeward journey by the transsiberian railway matsuoka tarried for a week in moscow.
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