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herd instinct meaning

"herd instinct" in a sentence

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  • noun
      The instinct that urges men or animals to act upon contagious impulses or to follow the herd

  • [Finance]
    A mentality characterized by a lack of individuality, causing people to think and act like the general population.


  • Morality is the herd instinct in the individual
  • "There's definitely a herd instinct ."
  • There is a certain herd instinct that plays out among pachyderms,
  • But when the herd instinct is unleashed, watch out!
  • They don't feel they need to maintain that herd instinct.
  • -- Herd Instinct : Something that can no longer be underestimated.
  • Without a clear market direction, investors sell based on herd instinct.
  • People have to avoid the herd instinct that was very damaging in 1982.
  • In true auction style, herd instinct took over.
  • From then on the so-called herd instinct among them takes over.
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