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hepatitis viruses meaning

"hepatitis viruses" in a sentence

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  • [Medicine]
    Any of the viruses that cause inflammation of the liver. They include both DNA and RNA viruses as well viruses from humans and animals.


  • Laboratory animal-method for examination of mouse hepatitis virus
  • Detection of hepatitis virus antigens in the cholangiocarcinoma tissue
  • The situation of b-hepatitis virus carrying in different occupations
  • Laboratory animal-method for examination of infectious caninc hepatitis virus
  • Culture of the attenuated a66 strain of duck hepatitis virus in chicken embryo fibroblast
  • Investigation and analysis of current physical exercises of students infected by chronic hepatitis virus
  • Liver impairment in murine hepatitis virus 3 induced murine severe acute respiratory syndrome model
  • One hepatitis virus could help treat infection by another, say chinese researchers
  • Infection with the hepatitis virus does not result in symptoms until after the incubation period is over
  • To prevent yourself from getting infected with hepatitis virus, you should pay attention to avoiding the risk factors
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