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heap on meaning

"heap on" in a sentence

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  • heap on
    ! Heap upon is more formal than heap on, and is mostly used in writing.
    heap sth on sb/sthheap sth upon sb/sth if you heap praise, blame etc on someone or something, you praise or blame them a lot:
    The newspapers heaped praise on the police for their part in the investigation.
    Their political opponents heaped scorn on their policies.
    SIMILAR TO: lavish on


  • He let go his hold of her and she fell in a heap on the floor, sobbing bitterly.
  • His books lay in a heap on the floor of the living room
  • The books lay in a heap on the floor
  • "i've been always used to horses, " said tom, " mr . shelby raised heaps on'em"
  • heap on wood, kindle the fire, consume the flesh, and spice it well, and let the bones be burned
  • Is a young-generation collector optimized for very large gigabyte and larger heaps on multiprocessor systems
  • The youngest daughter of a brutal king, the princess openly disapproves of the floggings and cruel treatment her royal family heaps on the peasants
  • Critics are falling over each other to heap on the praise.
  • Both cars ended up in smoking heaps on the infield grass.
  • Our clothing fell in disorderly heaps on the deep-pile carpet.
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