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hasten meaning

[ 'heisn ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "hasten""hasten" in a sentence
  • We wanted to arm the masses to hasten those processes.
  • I must hasten home now.
  • Additions of organic matter to soil hasten calcium losses.
  • The girls had to hasten their steps to keep pace with his.
  • Pollution, however, hastens the natural rate of aging.
  • Jack had just time to get on the beanstalk and hasten down it.
  • Police and firemen continued to hasten evacuation of the hotel.
  • By hearty co-operation, the ussr could hasten victory and help lay the groundwork for postwar co-operation.
  • I hasten to add, to anticipate possible misconception, that he was not the least of a charlatan.
  • In order to hasten healing the wound is closed by suture at a later date, an event called secondary suture.
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