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hard cash meaning

Synonyms of "hard cash""hard cash" in a sentence
  • Noun: hard cash  haa(r)d kash
    1. Money in the form of bills or coins
      "there is a desperate shortage of hard cash"
      - cash, hard currency

    Type of: currency

  • [Business]
    BrE) (AmE cold cash) noun [U]

    money, especially in the form of coins and notes, that you can spend:

    hard cash on the balance sheet

    turning your equity into hard cash

  • It hadn't been gnarlunga or bingelly he had wanted so desperately, but their in hard cash.
  • Altogether during the last year the society had received from various sources about three hundred pounds in hard cash.
  • Gaiety alone, as it were, is the hard cash of happiness; everything else is just a promissory note
  • But with no hard cash on the table as yet, no arrangements could be made to start allocating the funding
  • Perhaps hard cash will always find a niche, tucked away in children's birthday cards and as money for the unbanked and phoneless
  • "That's cold, hard cash ."
  • It has nearly everything to do with cold, hard cash.
  • Slow work : Royal Assembly, Speed Arm, Hard Cash.
  • Iraq last month removed restrictions on owning and changing hard cash.
  • Once, they were cold hard cash _ symbols of nationhood.
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