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haecceity meaning

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  • Later followers of Scotus called this principle haecceity or'thisness '.
  • A haecceity or individual essence is a property that only a single object instantiates.
  • Haecceity thus enabled Scotus to find a middle ground in the debate over universals between Nominalism and Realism.
  • This is at the heart of Scotist realism, particularly at the theories of haecceity and formal distinction.
  • Phenomenology is the field of studying the phenomena as such, and can thus be seen as a contemporary philosophical version of the medieval concept of haecceity.
  • Another way to explain a haecceity is to distinguish between " suchness " and " thisness ", where thisness has a more demonstrative character.
  • Similarly, the distinction between the'thisness'or " haecceity " of a thing and its existence is intermediate between a real and a conceptual distinction.
  • While terms such as haecceity, quiddity, noumenon and hypokeimenon all evoke the essence of a thing, they each have subtle differences and refer to different aspects of the thing's essence.
  • In his famous paper generally referred to as " Parson's Plenum " ( 1988 ), Garfinkel used the term " Haecceities " to indicate the importance of the infinite contingencies in both situations and practices.
  • Nicknamed " Doctor Subtilis " ( " the subtle doctor " ), he is well known for the " univocity of being, " the formal distinction, and the idea of haecceity.
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