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  • Noun: hadji  hajee
    1. An Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
      - hajji, haji

    Derived forms: hadjis

    Type of: pilgrim

    Encyclopedia: Hadji


  • El-hadji diouf is also missing on african nations cup duty with senegal
  • hadji murad was allowed to go riding in the neighborhood of the town provided that he went with a cossack escort
  • "there were some serious incidents out there, steven gerrard stamping on nolan and sissoko stamping on el hadji diouf, " said allardyce
  • Mustapha Hadji and Salheddine Bassir are the primary goal-scorers.
  • Morocco took its first lead on a splendid move by Hadji.
  • Goalscorer Youssef Hadji, who has three tournament goals, added:
  • Hadji received this limp while he was escaping from Akhmet Khan.
  • A 2008 Muslim conference elected Mustafa Alish Hadji as chief mufti.
  • In October 2009 another Muslim conference reelected Hadji as chief mufti.
  • From an early age, El Hadji is attracted to music.
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