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haber process meaning

"haber process" in a sentence
  • Hydrogen is mainly used for the production of ammonia via Haber process.
  • Ammonia produced by the Haber process is oxidized to nitric acid by the Ostwald process.
  • In the Haber process for the production of ammonia, hydrogen is generated from natural gas.
  • The ammonia required for this process is obtained by the Haber process from nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • Industrial facilities using the Haber process ( and its analogs ) have a significant ecology impact.
  • The largest-scale example is ammonia, which is prepared via the Haber process from nitrogen.
  • Germany had no such resources, so the Haber process proved essential to the German war effort.
  • The technical origins for CO-PrOx lies in the synthesis of ammonia ( Haber process ).
  • The first important man-made inorganic compound was ammonium nitrate for soil fertilization through the Haber process.
  • These reagents may sometimes be reused at the beginning of the process, such as in the Haber process.
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