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gymnast meaning

[ 'dʒimnæst ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "gymnast""gymnast" in a sentence
  • Noun: gymnast  jimnast
    1. An athlete who is skilled in gymnastics

    Derived forms: gymnasts

    Type of: athlete, jock [N. Amer]

    Encyclopedia: Gymnast

  • People gasped with admiration at the superb skill of the gymnasts.
  • Nora was an excellent gymnast in this country
  • Sharon is a gymnast . she is at the doctor-s
  • The gymnast poised herself on the balance beam
  • Hemodynamic study of elite chinese rhythmic gymnasts
  • B : great ! china has very good gymnasts
  • How to form the self-confidence of the top gymnasts
  • The gymnast dared a breathtakingly difficult move
  • A : how will the gymnasts march in and where are their benches
  • The gymnasts have so much control and discipline
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