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ground wall meaning

"ground wall" in a sentence

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  • [Architecture]

    The foundation wall of a building.


  • The boys chalked out goalposts on the sports ground wall
  • Its grounds wall, built around 1440, was recently restored.
  • Ditches and ground walls between the shores formed an extra defense line.
  • Its ruins were cleared away after the Thirty Years'War, only ground walls remained.
  • A linked house, however, is not a semi-detached house since no above-ground walls are shared.
  • Workers called to the site built a ground wall around the spill and dug pits to collect the liquid, ITAR-Tass said.
  • In the right part of a town a site of an old settlement can be clearly traced, with huge mounds and ground walls.
  • West of the site, more lane restrictions will go into effect to construct head walls ( below-ground walls that form the ends of each subway station ) at the future Laird, Bayview and Mt.
  • As a hardbound novella, " Pafko at the Wall " is a piece of work that stands alone-- as alone as the Dodgers left fielder at the base of the Polo Grounds wall watching Bobby Thomson's game-winning homer sail into the lower deck on Oct . 3, 1951.

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