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green seaweeds meaning

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  • or green seaweeds plural noun
      The Chlorophyta


  • Some green seaweeds such as enteromorpha flourished in spots.
  • The water wedged strings of green seaweed under McKeon's plywood barricade.
  • Below them, delicate tendrils of emerald green seaweed sway slowly with the tides.
  • The " Monostroma " genus is the most widely cultivated genus among green seaweeds.
  • In the sea garden the brown and green seaweed and purple forms of the water lilies swayed.
  • Undraping only a small part of the body at a time, she slathered on warm green seaweed.
  • The summery soup would be garnished with creme fraiche enriched with the black-green seaweed called nori.
  • The light dazzles, the salt water splashes to and fro, the brilliant green seaweeds send their vigorous signals.
  • Served in the shell on a bed of bright green seaweed, they are adorned with nothing more than butter and parsley.
  • In Greek mythology, mermen were often illustrated to have green seaweed-like hair, a beard, and a trident.
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