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green road meaning

"green road" in a sentence

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  • or green way noun
      A grassy country track used by walkers


  • The green road of materials science
  • It is located off Veterans Memorial Drive and West Greens Road.
  • This provided security to those travelling along the Wylde Green Road.
  • Burgerland, 239 Golders Green Road; ( 181 ) 731 7497.
  • Carmelli, 124 Golders Green Road; ( 181 ) 455 0664.
  • In 2009 the school celebrated 100 years at the Green Road site.
  • St Mary's is located in Church Green Road, Bletchley.
  • They have green road signs as in Italy, Croatia and other countries.
  • Stroud Green Road is the main local hub and shopping area for residents.
  • Bounding the western edge of Risinghurst is Green Road.
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