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green ray meaning

"green ray" in a sentence

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  • or green ray noun
      A flash of green light sometimes seen at the moment of sunrise or sunset


  • The green ray is associated with compassion in the language of light
  • 4 . relax green ray liquid
  • Let us now focus upon running the green ray throughout the etheric body and kundahlini
  • One will be hard pressed to learn to synthesize and balance in this manner if one has not embraced the green ray in full
  • The kelly-green ray lasts a second or less.
  • From time to time, there were bright, straight green rays.
  • The shell is yellowish or greenish brown with green rays.
  • The fifth " Comedy and Proverb " was " green rays there.
  • She tries to attack it, but is vaporized by its green ray beam.
  • In self-defence, the rock immobilises the geologist with the green ray.
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