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green power meaning

"green power" in a sentence

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  • [American slang]
    n., slang, informal The social prestige or power money can buy one. In American political elections the candidates that win are usually the ones who have green power backing them.


  • green power ( option ) . remote control ( option)
  • Build up green power industry
  • Brand : green power
  • Housing department, green power, friends of the earth and the conservancy associations
  • green power hike
  • If you do not wish to receive other promotion in the future, please contact green power
  • Urban group wins 2 major awards in the property management cup of the 2006 green power hike
  • Urban group wins 1st runner-up in 50 km property management cup of green power hike 2007
  • Hong kong housing authority, green power, friends of the earth and the conservancy association
  • First company to have won the champion in the green power hike-property management cup
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