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gnomonic meaning

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  • or gnomonical /-monˈ/ adjective
      Relating to a gnomon or to the art of gnomonics


  • gnomonic charts are published covering the atlantic, pacific and indian oceans, except for an equatorial belt in each ocean
  • The gnomonic projection is used for charts intended for plotting of great circle routes.
  • It supports orthographic, stereographic and gnomonic projections and various tools for constructions on the sphere.
  • On the horizontal part of this sundial he presented the oldest gnomonic world map known so far.
  • Like the stereographic projection and gnomonic projection, orthographic projection is a distorted, particularly near the edges.
  • The gnomonic projection is used in astronomy where the tangent point is centered on the object of interest.
  • Consequently, a rectilinear photographic lens, which is based on the gnomonic principle, cannot image more than 180 degrees.
  • Unfortunately, the shadow of the obelisk does not point precisely in that direction, and its gnomonic function is definitively lost.
  • It is not a gnomonic projection, whereby global data expands from the center point of a tangent facet outward to the edges.
  • A "'gnomonic projection "'of a portion of the northern hemisphere, centered on the geographic North Pole.
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