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gnomish meaning

Synonyms of "gnomish""gnomish" in a sentence
  • Adjective: gnomish
    1. Used of small deformed creatures

    See also: little, small

  • For example, the gnomish mind control cap should no longer trigger the cooldown of the talisman of arathor
  • One day some little gnomish bundle of joy will be telling his companions implausible tales about * me*
  • Rediscover faydwer as you strive to thwart the plans of the evil gnomish necromancer, meldrath the malignant
  • It could be kindly, sympathetic, gnomish and infinitely expressive.
  • :I see many good minor contributions and gnomish cleanup work.
  • The list would be improved by making it a gnomish work.
  • He wrote a substantial dictionary of Gnomish and a grammar.
  • The vast majority of edits is gnomish and appears constructive.
  • I can write articles, fight vandals, do Wiki-gnomish things.
  • Gnomish work can be a part of what ambassador does, on occasion.
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