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gnomic meaning

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  • Adjective: gnomic  nowmik
    1. Relating to or containing gnomes
      "gnomic verse"

    See also: gnome

    Encyclopedia: Gnomic


  • Moreover, the pithy sayings in gnomic style such as what you introduced here seem more suitable for children
  • Well, everything except a gnomic endorsement from the Fed chairman.
  • Modernism, in these reinterpretations, is gnomic, ironic, wavering.
  • With this gnomic warning, he returned to Washington.
  • His notoriously gnomic remarks are picked apart for hints of his current thinking.
  • Early religious and gnomic verse is also usually anonymous.
  • Balanchine was famous for his gnomic observations about the connectedness of music and dance.
  • According to Ullmann, it was this somewhat gnomic remark that won her heart.
  • As a gnomic writer Daniel approaches Chapman, but is more musical and coherent.
  • More recent interpretations have disputed this gnomic exhortation.
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