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gnomic utterance meaning

  • adj. (formal)

    a moralizing remark, usually containing a proverb, that seems clever but is often difficult to understand: A 'gnomic poem' is one full of proverbs and axioms.'Curiosity killed the cat' and 'Too many cooks spoil the broth' (= soup) are gnomic statements for some people.
  • We are in a land of gnomic utterance.
  • Also per usual is the presence of a central figure who is struggling against this hostile, cosmically comic environment and is given to gnomic utterances.
  • Mick " China " Rose starts up a medical courier service with associate Choe Ashton, who's given to erratic behavior and gnomic utterances.
  • Overseeing this and other shadowy business is Hawthorne, a former presidential candidate given to gnomic utterances and the power to look into men's hearts.
  • His stories were written with a penchant for concise, gnomic utterance and with a strong patriotic line, representing a role model of the genre in the Croatian literature.
  • In the 1960s William O'Connor described " The Cantos " as filled with " cryptic and gnomic utterances, dirty jokes, obscenities of various sorts ".
  • Nym's laconic and sometime gnomic utterances are explained by the Boy in " Henry V " as a result of a confused idea that terse speech makes a man seem serious,
  • Since then, Weiner, who was born in 1942 and now divides his time between New York and Amsterdam, has been presenting gnomic utterances on indoor and outdoor walls as well as in the form of posters and books; he's also produced movies and musical recordings.
  • The characters are asked to take part in a role-playing game, which develops from the familiar ( hedge-fund managers spinning profit from the misfortune of others ) through to the surreal ( a financial analyst is put under hypnosis in order to forecast stock market activity, and ends up delivering gnomic utterances on the state of the markets ) ."
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