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  • [Computer]
    (GNN) A collection of free services provided by O'Reilly & Associates.

    The Whole Internet Catalog describes the most useful Net resources and services with live links to those resources. The GNN Business Pages list companies on the Internet. The Internet Help Desk provides help in starting Internetq exploration. NetNews is a weekly publication that reports on the news of the Internet, with weekly articles on Internet trends and special events, sports, weather, and comics. There are also pages aobut travel and personal finance.


    Telephone: (800) 998 9938 (USA), +1 (707) 829 0515 (outside USA).


  • Http : / / www . gnn . com / wr/
  • GNN plans to continue to add content to its Web site.
  • GNN has since been acquired by the America Online computer network.
  • GNN was founded in 2000 by Josh Shore and Stephen Marshall.
  • GNN has an estimated of 10 million viewers and still counting.
  • By April 1995, GNN staff had increased to 23.
  • GNN also broadcasts high school football on the same channel.
  • GNN will remain in Berkeley and be a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.
  • GNN is on live streaming on Justin . tv.
  • He leaves angrily, gets his vision restored, and returns to GNN.
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