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glucoside meaning

Synonyms of "glucoside""glucoside" in a sentence
  • Noun: glucoside  'glooku`sId
    1. A glycoside derived from glucose

    Derived forms: glucosides

    Type of: glycoside

    Encyclopedia: Glucoside

  • [Medicine]
    n : GLYCOSIDE; esp : a glycoside that yields glucose on hydrolysis — glu·co·sid·ic adj — glu·co·sid·i·cal·ly adv
  • The fermentation of many sugars, alcohols, and glucosides by strains of p. multocida is quite variable.
  • Microwave extraction of triterpene glucoside from luohanguo
  • A new coumarin glucoside from the fruits of citrus aurantium
  • A study on the synthesis of formononetin 7-o-glucoside
  • Synthesis of-d-glucoside-containing 5-fluorouracil derivatives
  • Synthesis and characterization of pyridazinone glucoside compounds
  • Synthesis of tetraacetyl glucosyl esters and glucoside of coumarin
  • Determination of flavonal glucosides and aglucones in seabuckthorn berry by hplc
  • Study on hydrolysis of soybean isoflavone glucosides by-glucosidases from aspergillus niger
  • Apigenin-8-o-glucoside
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