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game on meaning

"game on" in a sentence

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  • [British slang]
    Exclam. Expressing excitement and anticipation of an event.


  • The shrill ringing of a bell broke up the card game on the cutter.
  • I took part in a basketball game on one of wu chi's three courts.
  • Some children were playing games on the bank and there were some people rowing on the river.
  • The zk ame tigers play the same game on the frame
  • The tame tigers play the same game on the frame
  • Introduction : games on the elf can still remember
  • Introduction : game on : the sky satellite, shiny
  • Introduction : game on : small effortss scrimmage
  • Escaping the culinary ware maze computer game on cd rom
  • Odie, try something else . maybe there's a game on
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