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game is up meaning

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  • [American slang]
    The secret or plan won't work; we are caught or discovered. The game is up; the teacher knows who took her keys. The jig's up; the principal knows the boys have been smoking in the basement.
    Compare: FAT IS IN THE FIRE.


  • The gruesome german game is up.
  • The game is up.
  • Encroach, presume, and the game is up
  • Hey, guess what, girlfriend ? your game is up
  • He knows the game is up
  • The game is up
  • Murat sees the game is up if he lets the sergeant have his say . with an affectation of surprise a true gascon
  • As far as I can see, the game is up.
  • Loyalists are scared because they know the game is up.
  • The total viewership for the first three games is up 18 percent.
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