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gabber meaning

"gabber" in a sentence
  • Noun: gabber
    1. One addicted to idle talk

    Derived forms: gabbers

    Encyclopedia: Gabber

  • Musically the song is totally different with a fast gabber beat.
  • The band combined gabber music with hardcore and heavy metal.
  • The team was a huge success in the gabber scene.
  • Austrian Roland Gabber rounded off the evening by winning the Scratch race.
  • Hibou comes from a Hardcore-Gabber-Speedcore scene.
  • The Board also prints a weekly news letter-the'Gibber Gabber'
  • The term is mostly associated with the Gabber subculture.
  • The dance is mainly performed to Hardcore techno and more specifically Gabber music.
  • But one gabber's convenience is another resident's hang-up.
  • They expected music in Brown's own style and not that of gabber.
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