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frons meaning

"frons" in a sentence
  • To actively at sorb brains : an exploration of the new frons of returned scholars from overseas serving china
  • The'scaenae frons'or backdrop, has remained intact.
  • The face is vertical or retreating and the frons is broad.
  • The frons and upperside of the labial palps is dark brown.
  • The frons and upperside of the labial palps are pale grey.
  • There is an almost circular black spot found on the frons.
  • The eyes connect for three times the length of the frons.
  • The frons is narrow in males, in females it is broad.
  • A large marble wall encloses the back of the stage scaenae frons.
  • The head, frons, palpi and thorax are red-orange.
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