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frondeur meaning

"frondeur" in a sentence
  • /frön-dûrˈ or frɔ̃-dœr/ noun
    1. A member of the Fronde
    2. An irreconcilable or a dissident
  • His daughter was the famous Frondeur the " duchesse de Chevreuse ".
  • After France surrendered to Germany in June 1940 during World War II, " Frondeur " served with the naval force of Vichy France.
  • D'Artagnan leaves but waits in hiding, suspecting that Aramis is both the Frondeur who had been sought earlier and the lover of Madame de Longueville.
  • Styled as " Mademoiselle de Vend�me " prior to marriage, she was the second of three children; she had two brothers, the Frondeur Louis Joseph de Bourbon.
  • He was employed in the siege of Sainte-Menehould ( which he had helped to storm as a Frondeur ) and won a lieutenancy in the regiment of Burgundy, and at Stenay he was wounded twice.
  • In 1826, he was sentenced to five days in jail against three months required for the anonymous article " Robin des bois " in the " Frondeur " which was assigned to him.
  • The secret frondeur later involved Giuseppe Bottai, another high member of the Fascist directorate and Minister of Culture, and Galeazzo Ciano, probably the second most powerful man in the Fascist party and Mussolini's son-in-law.
  • The term "'frondeur "'was later used to refer to anyone who suggested that the power of the king should be limited, and has now passed into conservative French usage to refer to anyone who will show insubordination or engage in criticism of the powers in place.
  • Director of the " Mandataire, journal des employ�s et des administrations " and of " L'Intervention universelle " ( 1849 ) then of the political newspaper the " Frondeur ", he was sentenced in 1845 to one month in prison and 200 francs fine for " Having treated of political matters without first filing a bond ".
  • "Primauguet " was now off Fedala within range of " Augusta ", " Brooklyn " to the north and " Massachusetts ", " Tuscaloosa " and " Wichita " from the northeast The first Vichy ship to sink was " Fougueux ", which was struck by shells from " Massachusetts " and " Tuscaloosa " . " Milan " s bow shattered and forward turret wrecked and she beached . " Boulonnais " was sunk by 8 16 " rounds while she was carrying out a torpedo run, she turned turtle, and sunk with all hands . " Primauguet ", holed below her water line and with half of her engine room crew dead, dropped anchor near Milan . " Brestois " and " Frondeur " got back to harbor but capsized during the night.
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