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fritz kreisler meaning

"fritz kreisler" in a sentence

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  • Melody composed by gluck adapted by fritz kreisler
  • Fritz Kreisler dedicated to Rivarde his transcription of 1st Slavonic Dance.
  • There was an encore of three Fritz Kreisler waltzes.
  • Among other noted violinists in attendance was Fritz Kreisler.
  • Fritz Kreisler transcribed the song for violin and piano and performed it frequently.
  • The violin is named after violinist Fritz Kreisler.
  • His tribute to Fritz Kreisler is available on VHS at online vendors including Amazon.
  • With Austrian violinist Roland H�lzl he recorded a CD with works by Fritz Kreisler.
  • Wright was motivated to become a violinist when he heard a performance by Fritz Kreisler.
  • Actually, I prefer Fritz Kreisler.
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