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  • [Electronics]
    A condition in which electrical contact corrosion creates a small hole, through which molten contact material passes to form a conductive bridge.


  • And an even smaller fritting furnace for preheating the ingredients needed for making the glass.
  • Moorey has defined this intermediate step as  fritting,   a process in which the Theophilus.
  • These structures have been initially interpreted as possible fritting ( or melting ) floors for the primary production of melted glass.
  • Fritting, pre-heating pots and annealing processes were undertaken in different sections of the furnace, elevated above the heat source.
  • For instance, the analysis of the 14th century Islamic tin glazes from eastern Spain indicates that theses samples may be produced by non-fritting methods, as the heterogeneous distribution of tin oxides may be the remains of original grains of tin oxides.
  • Finally, Tite " et al . " report that frits, unusually colored blue by cobalt, found in  fritting pans at Amarna have compositions and microstructures similar to that of vitreous faience, a higher-temperature form of Egyptian faience that incorporated cobalt into its body.
  • Although the Bow porcelain factory, Chelsea porcelain factory, Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby factories had, before Spode, established a proportion of about 40 45 per cent calcined bone in the formula as standard, it was Spode who first abandoned the practice of calcining or fritting the bone with some of the other ingredients, and used the simple mixture of bone ash, china stone and kaolin, which since his time set the basic recipe of bone china.

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