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framing drawing meaning

  • Two framed drawings treating similar themes both interrupt and supplement the proceedings.
  • His framed drawings were collected by many of the subjects who appeared in them.
  • Even tilting the framed drawings the wrong way could rip the paper, he said.
  • Today, he has both the framed drawing and its inspiration at his Connecticut home.
  • All teams must submit frame documentation and frame drawings to be approved by SAE prior to the races.
  • Colored inks also come into their own in these framed drawings, even if some of them are now faded.
  • Hanging next to his desk was a framed drawing of a soldier carrying a rucksack and an M-16.
  • Museum employees suggested it could take three to four weeks to plan and carry out a move of the framed drawings.
  • On the wall is a framed drawing by New York Times and Broadway caricaturist Al Hershfeld, her friend for more than six decades.
  • Leaning back in his Akhbar El Yom office, he surveyed framed drawings of his characters hung on the wall and summed up his job.
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