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foveal meaning

"foveal" in a sentence

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  • adjective
    1. Of or like a fovea
    2. Of the fovea centralis


  • Fluorescein angiography showed bilateral transmitted hyperfluorescence in the foveal area
  • Fundus examination revealed bilateral foveal retinoschisis and inferior-temporal peripheral retinoschisis
  • This success is sometimes regarded as " foveal cone.
  • Elderly subjects depend more on foveal vision than younger subjects during walking.
  • In contrast, this observed foveal development is opposite in predators and in primates.
  • The peltidium features a black foveal horn.
  • The foveal vision adds detailed information to the peripheral " first impression ".
  • Both the Dundee and Potsdam analyses revealed clear evidence of parafoveal-on-foveal effects.
  • For this purpose the system uses a special type of computer vision  foveal computer vision.
  • The foveal pit is surrounded by the foveal rim that contains the neurons displaced from the pit.
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