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for shame meaning

"for shame" in a sentence

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  • An interjectional phrase, you should be ashamed

  • [American slang]
    interj. Shame on you; you should be ashamed of yourself. An exclamation no longer in common use, having been largely replaced by "shame on you". "For shame, John, taking the toy from your baby brother!"


  • He said other things i can not speak out for shame.
  • She blushed for shame.
  • She had some reason to put the question for shame and pride threw double gloom over his countenance, and kept him immovable.
  • for shame, bring juliet forth; her lord is come
  • Losing her eyelash cause her to blush for shame
  • How could i utter for shame that i keep for my dowry this poverty
  • for shame, sir, for shame
  • For shame, sir, for shame
  • Oh, for shame ! you thirteen years old, and such a baby
  • Hold her arms, miss abbot : she s like a mad cat . for shame
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