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folders meaning

"folders" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <file system> A node in a hierarchical file system which contains zero or more other nodes - generally, files or other directories.

    The term "folder" is sometimes used in systems such as the Macintosh or Microsoft Windows in which directories are traditionally depicted as folders (like small briefcases).
  • He returned the identical stamped folder to clyde.
  • Peter returned the plan and charts to their folder.
  • He touched the manila folder which wainwright had put down.
  • He shuffled the advertising proofs together and returned them to the folder they had arrived in.
  • By insertion of photocopies,all folders can be maintained complete with little extra effort.
  • Let me leave one of our folders with you. you'll find most of our products advertised here.
  • Later that day, instead of sending it for routine filing, he placed the report in a folder in a locked drawer of his desk.
  • File connection manager uses an existing folder
  • Manipulating files and folders in visual basic
  • As the default output folder see figure 2
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