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finance meaning

[ fai'næns, fi- ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "finance""finance" in a sentence
  • Verb: finance  fu'nans or fInans
    1. Obtain or provide money for
      "Can we finance the addition to our home?" 
    2. Sell or provide on credit
    Noun: finance  fu'nans or fInans
    1. The commercial activity of providing funds and capital 
    2. The branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets 
    3. The management of money and credit and banking and investments

    Derived forms: financing, finances, financed

    See also: financial, financing, nonfinancial

    Type of: business, business enterprise, commercial enterprise, credit, direction, economic science, economics, management, pay, political economy

    Encyclopedia: Finance

  • [Business]
    noun, verb



    1 [U]

    money that sb/sth borrows from a bank, receives from investors, etc. in order to run a business, complete an activity or buy sth:

    The project will only go ahead if they can raise the necessary finance.

    A group of banks will provide finance for the takeover.

    international sources of finance

    ❖ to apply for/get/obtain/raise/secure finance

    ◆ to arrange/provide finance

    long-term/short-term finance

    ◆ a finance business/group

    2 [U]

    the activity of managing money, especially by a commercial organization or a government:

    the company's new finance chief

    She works in the finance department.

    a diploma in banking and finance

    the company's consumer finance arm (= that provides loans, etc. to customers)

    The government's poor management of public finance lost it the election.

    the world of high finance (= finance involving large companies or countries) CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER

    a finance chief/director a finance committee/department/team company/corporate/personal/public finance

    3 finances [pl.]

    the money available to a person, an organization or a country; the way this money is managed:

    The company is battling to put its finances in order.

    Buying new premises put a strain on our finances.

    Her personal finances are in a mess.

    Our finances are in much better shape now.

    The government will have to raise taxes to fill the hole in public finances (= the money needed to run the country).

    ❖ to sort out/handle/manage your finances

    company/corporate/government/household/public finances

    healthy/sound/strong finances

    deteriorating/shaky/weak finances

    ◆ sth boosts/strengthens your finances


    Providing finance

    VERB        NOUN             PERSON

    finance       financing         financier

    invest         nvestment      investor

    fund           funding           funder

    sponsor      sponsorship    sponsor

    back          backing           backer

    The organization is financed by the government.

    They invested $50 000 in the trust.

    Extra funding will be needed to pay for the project.

    The company has agreed to sponsor a TV show.

    They are struggling to win financial backing for their plans

    verb [+ obj]

    to provide or obtain money for a project, or for a business or government to operate:

    We have sufficient funds to finance operations for another year.

    The deal was largely financed by/with/through a share issue.

    How are you going to finance your business degree?

    The company has issued new shares to help finance the acquisition.


  • [Economics]
    1) The practice of manipulating and managing money.

    2) The capital involved in a project, especially the capital that has to be raised to start a new business.

    3) A loan of money for a particular purpose, especially by a finance house.

    4) An academic discipline within the general field of economics dealing with funding, financial markets, and the funding implications for managing businesses.

  • [Finance]
    A discipline concerned with determining value and making decisions. The finance function allocates resources, including the acquiring, investing, and managing of resources.
  • The programs are financed by advertising.
  • They collect funds to finance the movement.
  • We must take a hard look at our finances.
  • The school suspended for lack of finances.
  • He does not understand finance at all.
  • You need a professional to sort out your finances.
  • All purchases shall be financed with the proceeds of loan.
  • The scheme is partly financed by a government grant.
  • He assumes that all transactions are financed by credit.
  • This is prudent finance, not unsound finance.
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