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finance house meaning

"finance house" in a sentence
  • or finance house noun
      A company specializing in lending money against collateral, esp to finance hire-purchase agreements

  • [Business]
    noun [C] (especially BrE)


    2 (Finance )

    a company that arranges loans, investors, etc. for business projects:

    a finance house that specializes in securing funding for start-up technology companies

  • [Economics]
    An organization, many of which are owned by commercial banks, that provides finance for hire-purchase or leasing agreements. A consumer, who buys an expensive item (such as a car) from a trader and does not wish to pay cash, enters into a hire-purchase contract with the finance house, who collects the deposit and instalments. The finance house pays the trader the cash price in full, borrowing from the commercial banks in order to do so. The finance house's profit is the difference between the low rate of interest it pays to the commercial banks to borrow and the high rate it charges the consumer. Most finance houses are members of the Finance Houses Association.
  • Hantec investment holdings limited hkex : 111 is a multinational full-service finance house
  • H . R . C . always lived in taxpayer-financed housing.
  • N'Dow promises practical results, including new blueprints for financing housing.
  • While loans could finance housing, most, presumably, would go to businesses.
  • It was a $ 99 billion measure financing housing, veterans and environmental programs.
  • The overriding reality is the low rate of privately financed housing production in the city,
  • The California Department of Finance housing forecast for 1999 matches that of the research boards.
  • Another growing measure was the bill financing housing, veterans, environment and science programs.
  • Kuwait Finance House's Bahrain subsidiary is a leading provider of Islamic banking services.
  • Freddie Mac is a shareholder-owned company set up by the government to finance housing.
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