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finance bill meaning

"finance bill" in a sentence
  • [Economics]
    A bill of exchange used for short-term credit. It cannot be sold on to another party in the same way as a banker's acceptance.

  • [Law]
    A parliamentary Bill dealing with taxation matters, usually introduced each year to enact the Budget proposals.
  • The Vermont State Senate passed a public financing bill this week.
  • He co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill.
  • Congress has been debating the campaign finance bill for seven years.
  • McCain is not sanguine about the chances of the campaign finance bill.
  • Some 85 campaign-finance bills have been introduced in the chamber.
  • There have been a lot of campaign finance bills over the years.
  • Senate rejects alternative to McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill.
  • Most annual Finance Bills have not been certified to be Money Bills.
  • Legislation to this effect has been included in the Finance Bill 2007.
  • But this cost is ultimately the government finance bill ".
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