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fence with meaning

"fence with" in a sentence

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  • [American slang]
    v. To talk with (someone) as if you were fighting like a swordsman or boxer; to give skillful answers or arguments against (someone). The governor was an expert at fencing with reporters at press conferences.


  • Somehow he couldn't fence with her today.
  • He stood up and crouched, and fenced with his hands.
  • The horse negotiated ( ie jumped over ) the fence with ease
  • You should mend fences with your sister and apologize
  • Shall we fence with long or short swords
  • Stop fencing with me answer my question
  • I'll try my best to mend fences with him
  • The horse negotiated the fence with ease
  • His land was fenced with barbed wire
  • His land was fenced with barbed wire
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