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fade down meaning

"fade down" in a sentence
  • (of sound or light) to fade out (fadeˈ-down noun)

  • [American slang]
    [for sound] to diminish.
      The roar of the train faded down as it passed and f led into the night.
      As the thunder faded down, the sun began to break through the clouds.
  • The music faded down and a special news broadcast began.
  • In almost every game, they have faded down the stretch.
  • He faded down the stretch in losses to Indiana and Orlando.
  • Utah : Another 50-victory season but faded down the stretch.
  • The team with so much promise faded down the stretch.
  • The Nets are clearly capable of fading down the stretch.
  • We're not going to fade down the stretch ."
  • Against Irvine, Miggins played big minutes but faded down the stretch.
  • He faded down the stretch and finished eighth in the field of 10.
  • But a good start will matter little if the Liberty fades down the stretch.
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