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faddy meaning

Synonyms of "faddy""faddy" in a sentence
  • Food, and its consumers, are notoriously faddy.
  • Choose solid colors or subtle patterns-- nothing too bold or faddy.
  • You don't want to do something faddy that you will give up in a few weeks ."
  • "It's like the fashion industry _ there are a lot of very gimmicky faddy things out there.
  • He was also featured on a charity single entitled " Faddy Robot Foundation " with Vasco, Verbal Jint ( Zico.
  • Parents and / or caregivers may perceive up to half of toddlers as being " picky " or " faddy ", with the peak around 24 months.
  • Here, she performed 6th ( following Iceland's Eir�kur Hauksson with Valentine Lost and preceding fellow-debutant Montenegro's Stevan Faddy with Ajde Kro i ).
  • Montenegro made their debut as independent state and sent Stevan Faddy, and Serbia sent Marija ` erifovi that brought the trophy to Serbia for the first time in their Eurovision history.
  • As such, this entry was succeeded as by Marija ` erifovi singing " Molitva " for Serbia and by Stevan Faddy singing "'Ajde, kro i " for Montenegro.
  • Directed by Mark Lamos, the cast featured Cherry Jones ( Liz Morden and Reverend Johnson ), Peter Frechette ( 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark ), Tracey Ellis ( Mary Brennan and Lieutenant George Johnston ), Amelia Campbell ( Lieutenant Will Dawes, Duckling Smith and Meg Long ) and J . Smith-Cameron ( Dabby Bryant and 2nd Lieutenant William Faddy ).
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