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factional meaning

"factional" in a sentence

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  • Adjective: factional
    1. Of, relating to, or composed of factions


  • Qingli factional strife and the evolution of mei yaochen's poetic style
  • On huang tingjian's entering shu and the factional strife in the northern song dynasty
  • factional step difference scheme for a class of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation and systems
  • Christian is catholic, orthodoxy and protestantism in mediaeval in-house dissension 3 factional, and each other extreme misery nots allow
  • What reason is there for allowing people to remain in positions of leadership who have little professional knowledge or enthusiasm and show a factional bias
  • It has since evolved into factional fighting waged along ethnic lines.
  • Factional fighting has destroyed more than 70 percent of the city.
  • The government itself shattered in factional fighting July 5-6.
  • Police said they suspected the shooting stemmed from factional Palestinian fighting.
  • Factional fighting has left Somalia without a central government since 1991.
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