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facilely meaning

"facilely" in a sentence
  • adverb
  • Single ladder series characteristic : uses facilely, firm is artistic
  • Not to judge people facilely, the first impression is not always right
  • Ganchou explains the discrepancies in the rest of the evidence facilely.
  • The color effects are boldly and facilely applied.
  • That's the most intellectually compelling notion of " Mr . Ives'Christmas, " and not one either easily answered or facilely dismissed.
  • When Fortune 500 CEOs cannot name one black woman leader from the corporate world, they cannot be facilely accused of middle-aged white-male myopia.
  • Jessica of her childhood, as many self-appointed judges have charged, they did not do it for the sick-society reasons so facilely attributed to them.
  • "I like guns, I collect guns and I'm prepared to use guns, " he says, facilely taking the Glock apart in a few seconds.
  • But it was Schumer, a perpetually underrated legislator and politician, who focused on the central question : How can Ashcroft seem to be prepared to facilely put aside his dedication to these points?
  • Michael Widmer, president of the conservative Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, says that Braude was able to argue his position " quickly and facilely " during frequent debates between the two in the Legislature.
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