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exteriorly meaning

"exteriorly" in a sentence
  • adverb
  • It is quite unobjectionable exteriorly.
  • Product is surveyed both exteriorly and interiorly
  • Interior training : the trainings are executed in company and lecture is selected from existing personnel's or retained exteriorly
  • It is bounded exteriorly by an indistinct pale brown line.
  • The peristome is thin, though slrongly ribbed exteriorly.
  • The hindwings are brown, but darker exteriorly.
  • The abdomen is ochreous white and the legs are white, mottled with black exteriorly.
  • Exteriorly, of the Gothic period only two portal are visible today, as well as the apse.
  • The veins are partially marked with suffused dark fuscous lines on these streaks, and towards the costa exteriorly.
  • Adoration is a willing submission of self to God expressed interiorly as well as exteriorly by one's actions.
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