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express emotion meaning

"express emotion" in a sentence
  • Verb: express emotion
    1. Give verbal or other expression to one's feelings
      - express feelings

    Derived forms: expressing emotion, expresses emotion, expressed emotion

  • Failure to express emotions may cause mental illness
  • How do camera express emotion
  • Nature is fragrant because of flowers . the world is beautiful because of flowers . flowers convey feelings and express emotions and friendship
  • The other is their ability to express emotion through the acting.
  • And they still aren't able to completely express emotions.
  • Both sides of this debate agree that the face expresses emotion.
  • His lawyer describes him as someone who does not often express emotion.
  • But as an inanimate object, it can't express emotion.
  • He has relived the shock too many times before to express emotion.
  • Individualistic cultures are seen to express emotions more freely than collectivistic cultures.
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