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express agency meaning

"express agency" in a sentence
  • or express company noun
      One that undertakes speedy transmission of goods
  • I have come across an article Railway Express Agency.
  • Alva was a manager with Railway Express Agency.
  • I found Archives Center : RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, 1899-1970 # 260.
  • The carrier also owns an express building which it leases to the Railway Express Agency, Incorporated.
  • If I were the American Express agency, I'd be a little nervous today ."
  • And workers at Railway Express Agency struck for almost a month before Tobin ordered workers back to work.
  • The Wetherbee Planetarium was originally opened in the old Railway Express Agency ( REA ) building in 1980.
  • Bledsoe also served as a director of the Railway Express Agency and the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company.
  • He loaded boxcars, then was promoted to dispatcher for Railway Express Agency, the United Parcel Service of its day.
  • The Railway Express Agency building was demolished, and new rails were installed on the opposite side of the station depot.
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