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expositional meaning

"expositional" in a sentence
  • adjective
  • With a brilliant expositional style he blends science and common sense.
  • The expositional coda also features motifs containing three eighth notes.
  • This battle of expositional ideology was won by the originators.
  • The first movement unfolds as if in sonata form, with no expositional repeat.
  • He was outspoken among his generation of evangelical ministers in encouraging systematic expositional preaching.
  • The expositional coda returns to the l�ndler style.
  • The album's expositional content is interpreted by critics in relation to contemporary society.
  • The expositional coda also features a pulsating accompaniment against a chromatic rise in the strings.
  • "I'm like the expositional eunuch coming in the middle of the story.
  • The expositional coda contains an overture-like crescendo which is not included in the recapitulation.
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