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exceptionally meaning

Synonyms of "exceptionally""exceptionally" in a sentence
  • Adverb: exceptionally  ik'sepshunulee
    1. To an exceptional degree
      "it worked exceptionally well"

    See also: exceptional

  • Timothy is exceptionally leafy and productive.
  • The soft grey eyes was exceptionally good.
  • As a surgeon, philip was exceptionally gifted ...
  • Combinatorial theory is exceptionally useful in the real world.
  • In 1967 he published an exceptionally stimulating paper.
  • Admission to schools of veterinary medicine is exceptionally competitive.
  • The location is exceptionally poor, viewed from the sanitation point.
  • Thus the alpha particle is an exceptionally stable nuclear structure.
  • The harmonic oscillator is an exceptionally important example of periodic motion.
  • This book provides an exceptionally lucid treatment of classical electrodynamics.
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