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europe agreements meaning

  • [Economics]
    Agreements between the European Union (EU) and countries applying to become members. These agreements concerned changes in the institutional and legal arrangements required before countries would accede, and provision for trade with them in the meantime. Europe agreements were made with several countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia.
  • Earlier Thursday, parliament ratified a Council of Europe agreement abolishing the death penalty.
  • Grachev went on to restate Russia's rejection of the Conventional Forces in Europe agreement.
  • Those revisions would be contained in changes proposed to the so-called Conventional Forces in Europe agreement;
  • Internal disagreements have stalled signing of the Council of Europe agreement, which collective rights for ethnic minorities.
  • Internal disagreements have stalled signing of the Council of Europe agreement, which envisages collective rights for ethnic minorities.
  • Golob said these talks are not expected to be completed as soon as the Europe Agreement talks with the EU.
  • In April, the Balts initialed the Europe Agreement, considered a major step toward membership in the European Union.
  • The so-called " Europe Agreements " ensure regular political dialogue and cooperation in education, culture and finances.
  • Both officials said the deployment of a new army in the volatile Caucasus would violate the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe agreement.
  • Another vibrant example would entail as to how EU has formed linkages incorporating the transition economies of Eastern Europe through the Europe Agreements.
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