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epoxy resin meaning

Synonyms of "epoxy resin""epoxy resin" in a sentence
  • Noun: epoxy resin  e'póksee'rezin
    1. A thermosetting resin; used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates
      - epoxy, epoxy glue

    Derived forms: epoxy resins

    Type of: synthetic resin

    Part of: adhesive, adhesive agent, adhesive material

    Encyclopedia: Epoxy resin

  • [Architecture]

    A high-strength low-shrinkage polymer, especially designed for use in construction as an adhesive, a coating, or a foam.

  • [Electronics]
    A synthetic resin used to encapsulate electronic equipment, or as a cement. Epoxy resins are based on ethylene oxide or its derivatives.
  • The box girders were to be precast units, bonded together in place at the joints with an epoxy resin.
  • Such thermosetting resins as phenol-formaldehyde resins, ployester resins, and epoxy resins do not belong to this classification.
  • Design of activated carbon fibers epoxy resin composites
  • Research progress of toughening epoxy resin
  • Development of research on toughening epoxy resin
  • Tough and chemical resistance of epoxy resin
  • Plastics . epoxy resins . part 1 : designation
  • Polyester film, inductive , epoxy resin coating
  • Test methods for total chlorine content of epoxy resins
  • Development of ps coated epoxy resin microcapsule
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